Preppy La' Peui's Flute: Customizable Fashion Blunt Holder and Hookah Mouth Tip

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GURL, I know you’re looking at this packaging right now, trying to figure out if you really need this in your life, and the answer is YES YOU DO! Are you tired of burning your lips and your gorgeous nails? Stained fingertips are not cute, and those nails are not cheap to maintain, hunny. Kiss those problems away with the Flute and Gio, these new devices are created for all of our 420 friendly ladies looking to keep it classy and cute! The Flute and Gio are both sanitary, versatile, can be used as a hookah tip or a blunt holder, and TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE! Change the beads/charms in whatever order you like or get new ones to fit your style! Say Goodbye to stained fingers, burnt nails, and discolored lips, that’s a thing of the past!Designs are random no two are alike!

Design: Handmade Golden with colorful Diamond-Embedded

MATERIAL: High Quality , Reusable and washable Size: 0.9inches,


 Enables you to smoke comfortably even in wet areas such as the pool, Jacuzzi and the beach.

EASY PASS - Pass a toke to your friends easily without getting out of your comfort zone. Hold your cigarette to avoid smelly and stained fingers.

NO MORE STINK - Holds you smoke comfortably without getting smoke all over your hands.

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